I am now a middle aged woman that set out early on to see the world before she died. It started with the desire to live a life of expansion, a need to understand the human mind, and the reluctance to obey.

I wandered around, and worked in many jobs which didn't disappoint in learning how this world works. I picked oranges and avocados, strawberries and cherries, apples and gerbera flowers. I crawled behind a tractor in dry earth to pick potatoes. I tasted the dust and my salty sweat,  and smelled the early morning, hands freezing picking and cutting the fruit as fast as I could. I planted an orchard of pears. My hands and back hurt, and I was pleased to see things grow and distressed when frost threatened young trees.

I was a soldier for two years, disciplined and contained to my charges. At times it troubled me. I worked the night shift at a posh hotel in Tel Aviv as a phone operator and red eyed in the morning I had turkish coffee with the hard faced workers in dingy coffee shops.  My body hurt and I felt drunk from lack of sleep. Perverts would call the phone line for relief. I was a waitress and a bar woman for a long time, I made a lot of money and learned to measure appetites and mood, seduction and aggression. The kitchen, anyone can tell you, has too many knives.

I worked for a political party for a short while, I was a journalist, a trouble maker, a person difficult to manage.  I lived in a few countries, in many landscapes, and some great  cities. I did a stint in kibbutz, a village in Norway, and I built a home on a river. 

This is how the world is: you try to fit in a box and it is too small, you have to get out and you have to look around.  Sometimes even in your own garden, watching the ants walking back and forth on a mission.

I can say that I wanted to top my parents adventures, a life they lived that was bigger than life itself and cast a shadow over my own.  I had my reasons , narcissistic as they were, ambitious, competitive. Certainly that has informed my sensibilities. The rest has been my own vision.

The images are both external and internal landscapes, a blend influencing each other and inform all that I do in my work and in my love.

Zoe Dorit Eliou