image: Singapore, 2012. The Indian quarter. A splash of color in the middle of an urban landscape.
 image: Hong Kong, 2013. In the market area. Which generation? 
 image: Singapore, 2013. The art and science of noodle making. What is he thinking about? 
 image: Singapore, 2012. 
 image: Singapore, 2012. In the Malaysian district, in a little market shop. The lack of motion and the piercing, empty eyes impressed me. As did the fashion statement.
 image: Hong Kong, 2013. Many couples come to this market for wedding photos. Is it the Juxtaposition of graffiti, dirt, grunge against the purity of marriage, or a forecast of life? I imagine they deem it cool, despite its popularity. 
 image: Hong Kong, 2013. The market workers eating and slurping noodles fast. Noisy and harried.
 image: Hong Kong, Lantau Island, 2013. One of the 6 Devas offering gifts to the Tian Tan Buddha: patience, morality, wisdom, generosity, zeal, and meditation-paths leading to enlightenment. I found her face beautiful.
 image: Milos, Greece, 2006. Two old men who stared and stared. They seemed relaxed and resigned. A third one joined them later. They could not understand why I wanted to take their pictures. 
 image: Tahiti, Tikihau, 2013. There is only one village in the atoll, and we took a little boat to see the village nurse. I hurt my ear scuba diving. We communicated with google translate. It was free. He was a wonderful nurse. There are hardly any tourists there so we all stared at each other.
 Image: Morocco, Fez, 2005. The leather tanneries. I felt sorry for the men, all day deep in these vats, under the scorching sun. I didn't buy anything.
 image: Jordan, Wadi Rum also known as The Valley of the Moon, 2007. The Art of History and Nature.   
 image: Angistri island, Greece, 2015. A man that was larger than life contemplating the end. He is scared to die, he is sad. I know my father well.
 image: Singapore, Indian quarter. Where there is color there is a chance for happiness.
 image: Tel aviv, Israel 2012. The sign: Fighters for Peace. A Peace Now demonstration, one of thousands so many attended hopelessly.
 image: Burma, 2016. The Water Festival-New Year celebrations taken to new levels. The young boy out of frustration at the lack of targets, aiming excitedly at his foot. Purification, Good Luck, Blessings, Fun and Jubilation. The 3 day festival was during my visit and my own birthday. I went to the temple to wash my Buddha. Aung San Suu Kyi assumed office a week earlier and there was a quiet hope in the country.
 image: Buenos Aires, the Pink House, the President's executive mansion and office. In front, the Plaza de Mayo, home to the Mothers of the disappeared. 
 image: Bali, Ubud 2015. Monkey Forest. There is plenty to be scared of. Squeezing you and trembling together makes it easier.
 image: Chilean Patagonia, 2017. The Lazo-Weber trek. High winds, majestic views, and off the beaten path. Torres Del Paine is just around the corner.   
 image: Rio De Janeiro Favela, 2015. Colorful and cheerful, open sewage, gang violence, poverty, misery. 
 image: Russian River, California. The view from my hammock.
 image: Buenos Aires, 2017. The underground tunnels. A life in the deep under.
 image: Athens, Greece 2014. A Gypsy woman and her balloons. Watching her made me want to cry. The winds were high and she struggled right and left to maneuver the colorful bunch, yet she could not sell any. 
 image: Ushuaia, 2016. The end of the world In a strange way felt as the end of a journey, a marker in my life of having arrived thus far to see the edges of the planet as well as my own.
 image: Bora Bora, 2012. Something about how they were hang made it serious. I wanted to take them with me.
 image: Borneo, 2013. At the market, eating seafood I have never seen before and no one could explain to me what it was.
 image: Varanasi, 2001. The charity meal for the poor. Lined up to receive meager nutrition. Varanasi was an experience of contradiction, confusion, love and disgust. I wanted to stay for 3 weeks, a year, to understand deeply the gestures, the fears and the intensity. I know i will return.
 image: Roatan, Garifuna village, 2011, freedom celebration. Dancing, drumming and getting relief from ice popsicles.
 image: Buenos Aires, 2017. What a lovely man. His smile was gracious.
 image: Mumbai, 2006. The public laundromats. All the uniforms, sheets, cloths make their way here to be washed, ironed, delivered. An organized chaos much like the country itself.
 image: Bali 2014, the rice terraces crossing the country. 
 image: Cochin, India, 2006. The fishermen nests resting in infinite beauty.
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