image: Buenos Aires, 2016. Milonga dancing at  Palermo Soho, the Armenian center. The man holds tight on to the woman, exquisite sorrow in his embrace. The women clutch palms, leaning into a bonding heat.
 image: The Armenian Center in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Place your foot on the ground and follow the signs. The party starts at 2 am.
 image: Aswan, Egypt 2006. My mom carried an Israeli passport. We flew to Cairo from Tel Aviv and took an Oberoi boat from Luxor to Aswan.  State security boarded the boat in Aswan and accompanied us to the market. The men at the cafe followed us with a gaze mixed with desire and hostility. It was never clear if the security was there to protect us or keep an eye on us.
 image: Buenos Aires, 2017. The woman who wanted adulation and the people who continue to worship her.
 image: Cairo, 2006. Outside the miserable archeological museum at 40 degrees heat. The most beautiful artifacts presented in a building with no ventilation, signage, or proper bathrooms. There was a fainting station for the people who succumbed to the heat. I was wondering what statement was she making with her dress and if only Marilyn knew, how would she react. I thought, nothing can escape desire.
 image: Tango night at the Gala, Ventana.  Intimate, red, velvet, chandeliers, and Malbec. A waiter, smooth, joyful, selling an experience. He won on all marks.
 image: Buenos Aires, 2017. The ultimate woman.
 image: my favorite muralist in Buenos Aires, 2017. Men fight, men fight all the time, men fight for nothing and for everything. Men become brutal when they fight.
 image: Buenos Aires, 2017. The man at the Independence avenue above all, the people blind willingly or not. How many countries are the same? Power is the ultimate elixir for some. Some take it and some follow it in hopes it gives them the same.
 Image: "i think I love you; I am serious; I am here; I am breathing."
 image: I am ready to devour the best. Buenos Aires, 2017
 image: I have something you want. Buenos Aires, 2017
 image: All the promises we made, all our dreams, how long will they last when the fear creeps in. Couple in Buenos Aires, 2017
 image: China, Zhouzhuang, 2004. The canal city. They were so happy I wanted to take their picture. I took a regular bus there and lost my return ticket. No one knew english but the passengers spoke loudly and they let me back up. I had a wonderful day. Traveling in China alone without knowing a word in Chinese was satisfying. I knew than as I do now that people make communication is possible when the warmth is there. I saw myself conquering a barrier and I felt mighty.
 image: Hong Kong at the market, 2011. It is impossible for me to think of marriage without desire holding its back. I had a friend that said to me "I just want to see a ring on my finger". "I want the status-married-on my papers". "I want a child" "I want him only", " I want her young", "I want an Asian". I want, want, want.    
 image: Hong Kong at the market, 2011. One wedding party after another made its way to the market, posed, smiled and hoped.
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