Image: Athens, 1964. The child who asked too many questions and had an opinion on all things. 
 image: Cambodia, Tonle Sap sap lake, 2007. The village was poor. There was a poverty alleviation program going on, supplying pigs to the villagers. The kids nevertheless, run in the dusty paths and smiled and giggled. 
 image: Belize, 2016. Indigenous village, women's cooperative. Grandma washed some small mangoes. Joy in small bites. 
 Image: Roatan, 2011. Garifuna village celebration. Ecstatic dancing and music, our gaze was transfixed.
 image: Laos, 2005. A small village not far from Luang Prabang. The little girl was so beautiful, a princess in a pink dress, torn and old, but a princess still. She danced and laughed, I wish I could have spoken to her.
 image: Laos, 2005. The man insisted I visit his hut. There lay a young girl and her two babies, and next to them a fire smoldering inside the clay ground to heat the place. The mom was exhausted. I did not know what to do or say. The man was excited and happy. The babies were born yesterday he said. The hut felt like a sauna. I wished I was a nurse. I was ashamed that soon I would be leaving and what would become of these babies. What were their chances and hope, the village was so poor. I left behind all the money I had the image has never left me. 
 image: Laos 2005. Sometimes so many things are frustrating. I can relate to that. she tried for a long time to unscrew her toy.
 image: Rio De Janeiro in a favela. The little boy and i spend some time painting the bag and the tank top I bought. He was shy and sweet. I hope he will be ok.
 2005-In a market in Phnom Penh, ice cream cools all. The girls were having fun with me and mocking me. I don't blame them. 
 Beijing, 2004. I visited a kindergarten and the kid looked so serious, he caught my attention. 
 2004-India, Rajasthan. Sometimes beauty lies in the smallest of gestures. A flower behind my ear is a world unfolding its petals and pure.
 Brother and sister in Placentia, Belize
 Girls playing on the banks of the Yalong river, China 2004.
 image: China, Beijing 2004. Tiananmen Square.Did she know what happened there?
 I love my goat. 
 2004-Yalong river near Yangshuo. I took a bamboo raft and swam along. The kids antics were the best show.
 Laos village near Luang Prabang. The girl took a break sweeping the hut. There is always work to be done.
 I squarely believe I was the attraction here! Laughter and jokes in a language unknown to me, but with kids you can always make gestures and noises and faces and erupt in insane laughter, for a minute forget the troubles of the world.
 image: Jordan, Petra 2012. A little bedouin girl trying to sell her crafts and chat.
 image: Laos, 2005. Hiding in the trees seems fun. 
 image: north Vietnam, 2006. Mischievous little girl, excitedly grabbed her cat and squeezed her to no end. I was worried for the cat and distracted her to play with something else.
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